You Don’t Live There Anymore

We’ve lived in our house for over 3 years and I STILL have trouble remembering where I put things!

What’s funny? I can often remember where that thing would have been kept in my Missouri house and even the house I grew up.

My mom and I were just laughing about this as we were trying to track down a written recipe we had. She knew its location in other homes, but not yet her present one.

The problem? We don’t live there anymore. We have knowledge that would have made us successful at a prior season of life, which is of little help in this one and actually a touch frustrating. Many of my clients deal with the same problem when it comes to eating and their general approach to food.

  • They knew how to be successful a few years ago (your metabolism is likely different than at a younger age).

  • They knew how to be successful when they didn’t have kids running around or have an office job.

  • They knew how to be successful BEFORE retirement when they had a rigid schedule.

  • They knew how to be successful. They take past plans that were once successful and replay them or tweak it. They work EVEN HARDER, but still don’t find the same success. All they find is double the discouragement. This creates an even unhealthier spiral!

 What do we need to do?

First, we need to accept that we aren’t ever going to move into that old house or season of life. We cherish the memories. We thank God for them and make peace with our past, but it’s our past.

That doesn’t mean we won’t get healthy. Nor does it mean we won’t feel as good as we once did or that we won’t regain our confidence, improve our blood results, fit into those clothes. Simply recognizing that even if we do, it won’t be the same and that’s great! In a similar way, we might miss high school, but if you re-enrolled today as an adult…it won’t be the same.

Second, we embrace our present season. Our present metabolism. Our present food allergies and intolerances. Our present goals. It takes a while to work through ‘food grief’. Food grief is when you begin to realize some foods no longer get along with you G.I. or the daily allotment of sweet tea and food condiments is going to come at a greater cost. Food is fun, but we begin to embrace that food now more than ever is fuel. Tell me where you want to go, and I can tell you if you are going to have the fuel to get there and more importantly STAY THERE.

 It’s fun to live in a new house when you embrace it. Accept and rejoice in your past, embrace your present home. Life is too short not to learn and love your new home!

If I can help you get unstuck with a course or you’d like to set up a discovery call for (weight loss, food intolerances, allergies, diabetes, IBS, PCOS or other nutrition related obstacles) I’d love to help you enter into a more enjoyable season of life.

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