A New Year’s Resolution or A New Year’s Wish

As we approach the New Year, many of us will set our goals and give it our best shot. But how good is a shot if it’s done blind-folded? Many of our resolutions are driven by our will or … our gut (pardon the pun). The thought of a clean start is inspiring! A redo, another opportunity to feel better and get out of a rut.

How long does the average “healthy habit” resolution last? Only 36 days, according to a 2020 survey by OnePoll.

We are wise to ask ourselves honestly, “Am I making a resolution or a wish?”

They are like sailboats that have enough wind to leave the harbor, but no map or compass to grasp how to get where they want to go…not to mention how to handle a storm.

What makes it a resolution rather than a wish?

3 ingredients: the right information, the wisest application of that information, and the right person to help you get unstuck.

1.    The right information: A Google search of the word ‘diet’ will get you a lot of information, like 1,160,000,000 results of information.

How about something a little more specific like ‘nutrition’? 812,000,000 results! With the internet and marketing, it’s difficult to wade through the right information. I took 8 years of schooling to become a registered dietitian nutritionist and even I am surprised at the amount of information to wade through.

2.    The wisest application of that information: Our bodies are similar, but we all have different genetics, intolerances, fixations, palette’s, and pasts. What is going to work best for you? What’s the best way for you to re-learn your approach to eating? Just because we find the right information, doesn’t mean we know how to best apply that information to be successful.

3.    The right person to help you get unstuck: My husband regularly repeats Mike Tyson’s (boxer) quote, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Life gets crazy. Kids get sick, pumpkin-spice season comes early, or a global pandemic shuts down society. A right person can encourage you into the right community. They can help you get unstuck. Their experience can help get you through it, because they’ve studied through it, coached others through it, and helped others regain their resolve to make their resolutions their new realities. For you that might be a good friend or family member.

I’d be so happy to help you and your family achieve your resolutions in 2022. If you’d like to set up a discovery call or take one of my self-paced courses see the links below.

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  3. Adults, let me help you take ownership of your health and build a sustainable approach to eating, check out my course ‘Adapt and Overcome.’

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