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Expert Health and Nutrition Content Writer

Evidence-Based Health and Nutrition Writing Provided by a Registered Dietitian

Are you a health, wellness company or nutrition professional looking for convincing and incredible copy for your website, blog, or social media?

You need high-quality content to stand out and build credibility with your audience but are STUCK due to lack of time, experience or skills.

My specialty is helping people overcome obstacles. What I’ve found in my 15 years of practice as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is that even though we don’t all have the same problems, we all know what it means to be and feel stuck. I’ve been in your shoes and still have to adapt and overcome new sticky situations that come my way!

For the past four years, I have been creating content for my own nutrition brand and working with other health and wellness brands. As an established nutrition expert, let me help you by writing effective, evidence-based content that connects with your audience and ranks on Google. I currently have many articles ranking on the first page of Google.

I offer:

  • SEO optimized blogs and articles
  • social media posts
  • newsletters
  • evidence-based scientific articles for the busy professional and general population
  • continuing education material and course creation
  • webinars and presentations
  • proofreading, editing, fact-checking

If you are interested in high quality writing, please get in touch.

Let’s get UNstuck!

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @unstuck_nutrition
Facebook: UNstuck Nutrition

Why Choose a Registered Dietitian to Write?

Hiring a credentialed Registered Dietitian (RD) to write your content will automatically improve your SEO. Having the acronym RD boosts your “E-E-A-T” score. “E-A-T” score stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust. The higher the E-E-A-T score, the more Google trusts your website, and the higher up you’ll be on their rankings.

Dietitians are uniquely trained in biochemistry, biology, nutrition metabolism and digestion, disease management, life stages and nutrition counseling. They are trained extensively in how to take complex nutrition issues and help create actionable and realistic plans for all people!

Anyone can have an opinion on nutrition, but a registered dietitian can sift through research and provide evidence-backed content that will engage and inspire readers to make positive changes!

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