Finishing 2020 and Starting 2021

As we near the end of 2020, many things have changed in our lives. Many of us are doing more at home…by choice or not.

It can be easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits. The increased stress and the ongoing unknown of when life will be back to normal can weigh on all health habits. 

Choosing to control the things you can and let go of the things you cannot will increase your success in making healthful life changes.

8 Keys that have been successful for healthy eating since COVID (and before!):

  1. Eating consistent meals and possibly snacks (depending on age and conditions).  Skipping meals can make anyone become more irritable!

  2. Daily Routines (for self and for family). Routines are critical for normalcy and success.  We try to get up and go to bed around the same time each day and the same for our children. We eat our meals spaced appropriately (3-5 hours apart) so we don’t get too hungry or eat too frequently. Everyone has rest/nap time regardless if you sleep or not. 

  3. Self-care and hospitality – limiting or lessening screen time for adults and children and reading books and Scripture, completing crafts, writing notes or preparing thoughtful gifts for others.

  4. Purposeful screen time – either for education or for adult sanity. Dinner prep is often a greater challenge if our children are sleep deprived and bored, waiting on interaction from another parent. I utilize a 20 to 30-minute show on crazy (most) days to make dinner happen with no injuries and in a timely manner. Win-win-win as I get to enjoy cooking in peace, a nutritious and warm meal, and my kids get to watch some of their limited TV time. 

  5. Exercise – something as simple as a daily 20-minute walk preferably outside of the home. Research shows some type of physical activity each day is not only needed for physical health but also mental health. Outside time even in the cold is great but if too challenging, there are options for indoor activity. Evenings often include scooter racing in our house with an adult chasing (my husband gets a mile doing this)

  6. We “eat out” a couple times per week – entails picking up food to-go from a restaurant or even fast food. This also has included a drive before to look at pretty leaves, Christmas lights, or just music on in the car. Cooking from home all the time can be tiring and overwhelming. The treat of eating something you didn’t prepare can be rejuvenating. 

  7. Eating in fun new places. We may take coffee and breakfast to a park or hiking area and then go for a walk afterwards. We set up picnics inside our house on little tables or blankets. We also set up picnics out back (when weather allows).

  8. “Loose” or “flexible” meal planning: Planning grocery trips for every 2 weeks so that there are about 6 – 8 dinner meals of food in our house (that usually have leftovers for lunch the next day). Stocking up on fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables allows for the use of fresh the first days after shopping and then transitioning to other forms for the rest of the time. This allows less shopping, nutritious meals, and saving money. 

Stress brings the importance of doing the little things well. If I can help you get UNstuck in 2021 click below to schedule a discovery call.


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