Seven Fun Ways to Serve Food to Kids and Toddlers

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We eat with our eyes.  Make food fun and exciting for little ones.  You’ll be amazed at what they try!  You probably have most of these “tools” at home already. 

  1. Cut food into different shapes.  Uriah recently learned the word ‘heart’ and gets excited when he sees things with a heart shape.  💙

    • Try: heart tortillas, biscuits, fruit, pancakes, condiments squirted in that shape

    • Older kids can use a cookie cutter to cut their own food into shapes they like!

  2. Use different containers than usual to serve the meal or snack.  This works well when all the dishes are dirty…

    • Use ice cube trays with a bite or two of each food in each cube

    • Serve dinner on a cookie sheet

    • Use your mismatched food storage containers to serve a meal

    • Silicone muffin cups for food or dipping sauces

    • Cereal and milk in a cup instead of a bowl 🥛

  3. Provide plastic tongs as silverware

  4. Give reusable straws as an option to drink soup, smoothies, applesauce or milk 🥤🥣

  5. Stack foods (Chex mix, peanut butter and slice of banana 🍌)

  6. Use pretzel sticks as an eating utensil

  7. Put raspberries on their fingers to eat (model this one)

Just make it fun!  Your kids will come up with even more ideas once you get them started. 

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